Annual Find Geek - Christmas Competition 2017

Written by Alkamos - The Ancient Scribe on .


Yes, Folks, it's that time of year again and Geek is lost again and needs to get back home to Gweldar in time for Christmas.

Find the little picture of him on the Competition Banner (see rest of article) and help him to find his way home.

The Picture below is hidden somewhere on this website...

There will be 1 Lucky Prize Winner!

The Prize for the winner is another 'Seasonal Surprise' to help share a little magik during this festive period.

The Winner will be the first person to spot him and let us know.

Once you find his whereabouts just tell us which page you found him on – you can copy and paste the browser page information into your email or carefully copy it into your letter so that we know you have found the right web page. Or if you prefer you can send us a screen-grab of the page in question.

Please send your emails to  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Unfortunately, if you can’t email us you cannot send the answer in a letter to us here at the Keep via Snail Mail as the Competition is being held on a First Come - First Served basis.

THE DEADLINE IS SUNDAY 24TH DECEMBER at 00:00pm GMT (That’s 12 o’clock Mid-night for us kids).

We will announce the winner shortly after this time in the small hours of Christmas Morning.

Good Luck everyone and remember please don’t take too long, so that Geek can get home in time for Christmas…