Worlds End V3 First FLATS Revealed

Written by Alkamos - The Ancient Scribe on .

Everyone here at the Wizards Keep Studio is excited today, as we are able to share this latest news with you all.
Worlds End Volume 3 moves on apace, as Tim works on the Pencilled pages

Take a look inside to see the new Colour Flats by NEW Colour Flats Wizard, Ric Lumb.

Excitement here inside the Keep today, as we unveil a page of FLAT Colours from Ric Lumb's first batch of Worlds End Volume 3 - Don't Fear The Reapers pages.

Here is Page 5

Tim can't wait to paint this page - but he will have to, as he is working away presently on the pencils for more pages from this book.

He is almost at the point in the story with the scene that begins the utter destruction of Gaeyrth under the onslaught of the Reapers - the total antonym to the scene here on this page as we transition from "Wynter" to "Spryng" in the Northern Hemisphere on Gaeyrth.

Anyhow, we hope you will all join us in a resounding and well deserved, "Welcome Aboard" to Ric with this first of his pages from his first batch. Wait until you see the rest.

Flat Colourists are unsung heroes for the most part, but not here at the Keep where we adopt them as fully fledged Colour Flats Wizards.

And now without further ado, if you checked the words before seeing the picture - what are you doing, Folks.

Best Wishes,
Tim, Bentley, Izzy and the rest of the Gang here at Wizards Keep.

Come back soon for more updates...