Wizards Keep - Special Announcement

Written by Alkamos - The Ancient Scribe on .

A while ago we said Wizards Keep had two coups to mention, this is the first of those.

Wizards Keep Publishing is really proud to announce today the launch of our latest A3 Poster and soon to be launched A2 Poster.

And this is a first for us here at the Keep, as we announce the acquisition of our newest artistic talent that of "HOT" New Artist, Tom Longworth.

We are sure that you will agree with us that this is beautiful piece of artwork commissioned by Tim himself, as he is as he says, "A BIG Fan of Tom's work!" Hence him getting the Keep to hire him in the first place.

Well without further ado you can order your Poster TODAY from the Wizards Keep Shop by clicking the link HERE

And now, here it is, in all it's wonderful glory...

Best Wishes,
Tim, Bentley and Izzy and the Wizards Keep Team

Please check back soon for more information and further updates from Wizards Keep