At the Junction of Worlds End - Interview

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Late in 2012 Tim was approached to be interviewed by Darren Warrow, a contributing writer on Publisher Ian Shires' Self Publisher Magazine.

The following is the interview extract with links to the "FREE" download and hard copies to purchase of the full Self Publisher Magazine issue #61.

This article can also be read in the Interviews section of this website.


Self Publisher Magazine is a great insightful magazine and deserves your support.

There are some great interviews with industry professionals and other publishers as well as great articles about comics, graphic novels and publishing in general along with some great "NEW" comics to read.

A direct link to the "FREE TO DOWNLOAD" PDF on the website and where you can also purchase an actual hard copy of the magazine, as well as "BACK ISSUES" to read at your leisure can be found here:

Self Publisher Magazine issue #61

Website that the interview is taken from:

Self Publisher Magazine Issue 61 contains interviews with Hunt Emerson, Paul Rainey, and Tim Perkins.

Tim Perkins Interviewed by Darren Worrow,

Tim would like to thank Darren and Ian for their time, sharing his thoughts and memories.