Worlds End 2 - Is Going to Print

Written by Alkamos - The Ancient Scribe on .

The long awaited sequel to Worlds End - Volume 1 - The Riders on the Storm is finally going to print

For more on this incredible announcement please read inside.

The Worlds End series of graphic novels has seen a great many superlatives said about them. We have seen words such as Epic and Mammoth used to describe them.

Well, in truth, epic and mammoth can easily be used to describe both the journey taken to getting them to this point and most definitely to print.

With the launch of Volume 1 – The Riders on the Storm, the first batch of books that arrived where nothing short of breath-taking in their quality of finish. The second batch, however, were anything but. So, finding a reliable, trustworthy company that could produce the kind of quality that we here at Wizards Keep have become synonymous with became every bit as epic as any of the quests thus far told in the books.

Worlds End fans have waited far longer than even Tim first envisaged and their support and encouragement due to this helped to keep a semblance of sanity where often none existed. Would we ever be able to trust another hard-back printer? Our softback books, comics, posters and prints have always been covered by a company Tim is now proud to be associated with as a co-creator of educational content for them – Direct-ED. They have never let us down, but with the European format, hard cover graphic novels, well, that was a different thing altogether with our original printer.

We have spent what seems like eons, trying to find someone with the same attention to detail and quality that we were looking for. We have always been proud of the fact that we receive so many accolades for the quality of our products. Those first books that arrived at Wizards Keep were beautifully produced, but the next batch were unusable. Lots of folks have said they thought we should just give them away free to schools or libraries – well, unfortunately that would go against every ethos held dear here at the Keep. Simply put they just don't come up to scratch with what Wizards Keep has become known for.

Where am we going with this little missive, you may be asking yourselves? Well, today a decision was made after narrowing it down to just two printers – both with books under their belts of incredible quality.

So, we can now announce that we have found our NEW printer and with them on board we will soon be in a position to announce our launch dates and venues at which they will be launched.

Today has been a momentous day for all of the reasons above and we would like to say to all our fans, customers, family and friends a big resounding THANK YOU for your continued support, all throughout this epic journey to finally see Worlds End – Volume 2 – A Hard Reign's Gonna Fall going to print.

Without that support, none of this works.

Thanks for your patience.

Oh, yes, and just to let you in on a little secret that we have been keeping from you for a few weeks now Worlds End – Volume 3 – Don't Fear The Reapers and Worlds End - Volume 4 – Close to the Edge are both in the final stages of being written by Tim, as final drafts for him to begin working on drawing them.

Our publication date for Volume 2 will be announced shortly, but we think you will be pleased with what we have to say to you all.

We cannot wait to share this second book with you along with some new artwork for what we have in store with Volume 3.

Thanks again for staying with us on this journey, which can now well and truly be called, epic.

Please feel free to come back soon for more updates on this 'Science Fusion' Graphic Novel Series.