Wizards Keep Are Hiring

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Have you ever wanted to work in the comic industry?

If so, then we may have just the job for you.

We look forward to hearing from you.


Please read these very carefully, as anyone not meeting all of the criteria will be discounted from the list of applicants.

Please note all criteria required is marked ** below.

YES! You are reading this correctly - Wizards Keep are Hiring!

Freelance Colour Flats Assistant Required by Wizards Keep Publishing.

As Tim works on the pencil art for Worlds End • Volume 3 – Don’t Fear The Reapers and Worlds End • Volume 4 – Close to the Edge, we are now looking for a replacement freelance colour flats assistant.

This is NOT a back end agreement or any similar arrangement, which is seen all too often nowadays in publishing, but is a fully paid for project with a view to sustaining a working relationship over the life of the series and indeed other similar projects on a project by project basis.

This vacancy in the Worlds End creative team is due to our current colour flats assistant, Gabriella Naser being unable to pick up the flat colouring chores for us here once again on our two new graphic novels due to her present workload, as she begins her new University course.

Both parties are sad that this is the case, but we at the Keep would all like to wish her the very best for her time at University.

** Please send an email showing your initial interest, and rates of pay along with your 6 x samples, as outlined fully in the next paragraph below, and we will send you an example of the types of layered psd files we are expecting from our new colour flats assistant. The example will be taken from Worlds End • Volume 2 – A Hard Reign’s Gonna Fall. This sample is provided to aid all potential applicants with a working knowledge of what is needed on this project by Wizards Keep Publishing.

All applicants should send links to websites and or a small number of .jpg images (maximum 6) to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or for larger files via MailBigFile in zip file format ( to the same email address - This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

All imagery to be FLAT COLOURS ONLY and one example at least should be in fully layered psd format and sent via mailbigfile to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

In the message window when uploading your work, please include a short line including your name and contact details, so we can easily track all applicants.

Please be patient – ALL applicants will receive either a letter which will either show you have been unsuccessful this time around, or a letter of interest to discuss things further.

The successful applicant will then be given the green light to flat a page from Worlds End Volume 2 (which will be fully paid for). This sample will be completed as a finished, layered sample. This, if successful, will provide the initial page of flat colouring for the third and fourth volume.

If this is also successful the applicant will be given the job to work on the rest of the book as Tim's colour flat assistant on Worlds End • Volume 3, with a view to working on future volumes, should the applicant be available at the time further books are in need of flatting.

Applicants can be either working professionals or someone wishing to break into the industry as a flat colourist. A high quality finish, speedy turnaround and attention to detail is what is required and our high expectations for the requirements of this freelance post follow on from the excellent work of Yel Zamor and Gabriella Naser having set the goal posts with books 1 and 2.

Wizards Keep Publishing will provide each page of artwork to the hired freelance assistant as psd files already set up in layers with more layers added by the assistant during production – examples will be given by Wizards Keep Publishing prior to beginning work on the project – in line with the Worlds End Volume 2 sample page.

Each page will contain layers containing each individual character, background elements, midground elements and foreground elements on separate layers.

The project is to provide layered flat colouring on the 66 pages of strip content within the third volume of the Worlds End series of graphic novels and 68 on the fourth.

Payment is upon completion of the work, for both the sample and also the entire run of volume three and then volume four pages, either by PayPal or electronic transfer direct to the assistant's bank account, whichever is preferred. The assistant will provide an invoice for the work upon completion to avoid any delays in payment.

Full credit in the book and also in any marketing strategy will be given.

We look forward to seeing your samples and of course working with the successful applicant.

Good Luck!

Tim Perkins and the Wizards of the Keep