Squatsretch System

Written by Court Astronomer, Azimuv Cyrcal.

Que’lldro’ss is the name of a giant spiral galaxy. On the outer limbs of one of its great arms lies the Squatsretch star system.

The planets’ orbits are all affected by the eccentric, sometimes elliptical orbits of the three stars, and also their planetary neighbours.

The triple star Squatsretch system consists of the following three suns and their
accompanying planets…

Que’ll is the smallest of the three suns and is a white dwarf. It has three planets that orbit around it - two in a clockwise rotation with the third in a tight elliptical orbit from right to left and at a 35° angle to the star’s north facing pole.

C’hlorinth is a small, grey pseudo-planet.

F’ornithyll is yellow-and-red Gaeyrth-sized planet.

Th’Ornitnoww is the largest of this star’s rock-based planets.


  • Que'll
  • C'hlorinth
  • F'ornithyll
  • Th'Ornitnoww

Squatsretch is the largest of the three suns and it is a red hyper-giant around which the other two suns and accompanying planets revolve.
It also has its own three large gas giants and seven smaller planets revolving around it.

O’ryioth is a huge orange hyper-giant, and the largest and most violently storm-active of Squatsretch’s gaseous planets
Ruulle is a yellow gas giant with green and white storm clouds
Myr’nriol is a blue gas giant and the smallest of the three
The rest of the planetary system consists of rock-based worlds…
Y’Cthinia is a blue-hued planet
Xo’Tolos is a pale-blue planet
Jac’Obirol is a green-and-blue world almost as large as Cydnamoria
W’wrell is a small grey planet
Cydnamoria is the largest of the rocky planets and has a warm orange hue
Vithanius is a green-hued planet
G’Anyreanos is a violent black and red planet full of volcanic activity


  • Squatstretch
  • G'Anyreanos
  • Cydnamoria
  • Vithanius
  • Y'Cthinia
  • Jac'Obirol
  • Myr'nriol
  • O'ryioth
  • Ruulle
  • Xo'Tolos
  • W'wrell

Exxotryll is the middle-sized of the three suns and it is a yellow sun that is slightly larger than our own Sol. Its ten planets mainly rotate around it in a counter-clockwise retrograde orientation.
Aeryiell is the smallest of the innermost planets. Uninhabited due to its close proximity to the largest of the three suns, this little pink-hued planet is practically hidden by its huge parent star
Uranddor is a larger planet than Aeryiell, and is only slightly smaller than Gaeyrth. Its blue hue sets it apart from its sister planets

Gaeyrth is the third innermost planet within the Squatsretch system. It is a small
unassuming world, innocuous but for one wonderful fact - that it harbours life. It is home to a myriad of different races and creatures. The adventures we follow take place, for the most part, on this world

Ylliaad is a giant green gas giant

Aeynied is a purple gas giant

Prot’orius is a star-like pseudo-planet, whose yellow hue and back spots are caused by atmospheric disturbances

Randyll is another habitable planet like Gaeyrth

Bry’llonn is a red-hued rock-based barren planet

is a blue-green planet – pretty inhospitable with a methane rich atmosphere.

N’roll is a small, moon-like rocky planet

  • Exxotryll
  • Aryiell
  • Uranddor
  • Gaeyrth
  • N'Roll Moon
  • Randyll
  • Ylliaad Green Gas Giant
  • Aeynied Gas Giant
  • Prot'orius
  • Bry'llonn
  • Kryxx'll