Welcome To Worlds End

On the third planet from the outer rim of the Squatsretch system lies a world untainted by evil. Its myriad inhabitants going about their daily lives without worry or fear…

That is, until today…

Follow our epic saga of daring-do and high adventure...

But be prepared for a bit of rough and tumble... and no mistake!

Welcome to the weird and wonderful world of Gaeyrth, the planet that is home to the mysterious place known as Worlds End.

When Last War ended, a provision was put in place to stop another conflict from erupting again. The wizards of old placed the greatest warrior of the time into a magikal sleep, to be awoken, if and when the need arose. Worlds End is the resting-place of Alchemaost, that sleeping champion.

Here then, nestled amidst the many hamlets, villages, towns and shires of Gaeyrth, new battles are to be fought and friendships forged as the saga of Worlds End unfolds.

The Aoevill hordes believe they have an easy task of aqua-forming the tranquil planet. They have not reckoned with our heroes, however, who are determined to outwit the high-tech machinations of the invading aliens, armed with just their courage, and a little help from magikal means.

The guards of Gaeyrth are a token force, at best, and are more of a police constabulary than an army strong enough to repel alien invaders, especially those with such amazing capabilities.

Try to imagine soldiers from a bygone medieval era, here on our own world, having to face such scientifically advanced forces. Only then will you understand the depths of terror felt by the people of Gaeyrth.

The saga of Worlds End will be a long and eventful one – filled with trials and tribulations that even our four heroic friends, Ralf and his allies, Gweldar the Elder, his familiar, Geek, and Zephol may find insurmountable…

Only time will tell…


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