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Wizards Keep are pleased to announce the post of Colour Flats Assistant here at the Studio has now been filled and in a very close run contest – certainly between the final two candidates, we have our NEW Colour Flats Wizard.

Please join us in welcoming aboard, our latest member, Game Designer and Children’s Book Illustrator, Ric Lumb.

In an over a week long selection process our five candidates were each given a sample page from Worlds End • Volume 3 – Don’t Fear The Reapers to colour flat, along with some examples of existing colour flats from Volume 2, colour guides for the principle characters to keep them on model and  detailed instructions on our requirements. This was followed by two sets of questionnaires.

The decision was not an easy one to make this time around, as we had a lot more applicants for the post. So, this period, saw us sifting through lots of entries until we had the five best applications in front of us.

The final choice was difficult as both had supplied great examples of flats, but in the end a choice was made.

We would like to thank everyone who applied for the post for their interest, the final five for their enthusiasm and Ric, for agreeing to come aboard.

You can follow Ric’s exploits on all of the Wizards Keep and Worlds End Websites and On-line Networks and also directly here:





And now, Ric's Initial Colour Flats Sample Page.


Tim, Bentley Bogtrotter, Izzy Wiz and The Wizards of the Keep

Check back soon for more updates and teasers on the ongoing Worlds End “Science Fusion” Graphic Novel Series as well as the first artwork for Worlds End • Volume 3 - Don't Fear The Reapers.